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Fronteras smash late night ratings in Spanish TV

By 25 August, 2015September 21st, 2018Uncategorised

FRONTERAS (Spanish for "Borders") made a surprising 10,6 % rating in the late night on its premier release at TVE1, becoming the clear leader of the slot.

Fronteras smash late night ratings in Spanish TV

CROPTV, a Spanish prod-co well known for its international nature and wildlife series, made a clear and successful appearance in the Spanish factual panorama, where traditional and new channels compete for the growing of observational docs viewers.

Rising clearly above shoulders of other channels in the slot, this is a hit for the national broadcaster that sets a new challenge for commercial channels.

This new approach on the actions of the Guardia Civil, Police forces and customs authorities at the country borderlines, seemed to gain the favour of the Spanish viewer that will have the chance to watch the rest of the 5×52 series during the coming summer weeks.

With remarkable and “close to the viewer” characters, CROPTV unfolds over the course of one programme several storylines which are resolved by the end of each episode and are located at different locations of the Spanish geography. This well known formula seems to be applied correctly and modulated for the Spanish viewer with startling ratings seeming to confirm a well-done work.