Fronteras hits the ratings with a 13,2% on La1 TVE Channel with its third episode.

Fronteras unbeatable and growing in spanish premium channel

Hottest european borders show FRONTERAS ratings keeps unbeatable and growing in the late night in spanish tv.

FRONTERAS, the TVE program produced by CROPTV, hit a 13,2% rating for the late night slot on Wednesday 26th. The mark, long time unseen at such slot for the premium channel, keeps the level of previous emissions and again, goes over the rest of the channels, as it did in the last two weeks since the series premiere.

At the premiere the series already broke the two digits “barrier” with a rating of 10,6%, putting TVE back in track in such slot.

The “fly on the wall” show had its highlights along the program that even made a 17% peak in ratings in some top actions moments at the Madrid International Airport border.

FRONTERAS (spanish word for borders) episode 3